Friday, 28 August 2009

City Safe Youth's Got Talent!

On Friday 28th August, 300 people packed into Stratford Circus for the CitySafe Youth Talent Showcase. Organised by students from St. Angela's and St. Bonaventure's School, the purpose of the showcase was to celebrate the achievements of young people in being part of the solution to knife crime and violence, and to recognise all those who have contributed to the continued success of CitySafe in London.

The performances from all the acts were truly amazing! Our compares TJ and Ashley had the audience eating out of their hands with their unique humourous style, and special performances by Tribal Man and Gracious K invited some audience participation on stage.
CitySafe Champion Awards were given to: Chief Inspector Gary Brown of Newham Metropolitan Police; Barry and Margaret Mizen Tyeisha Litambola for their support and dedicated work on the campaign. Starbucks representatives received the award on behalf of Jimmy Curtis for his role in making Starbucks the first business leader to suppory CitySafe.

Paul Amuzie receieved the CitySafe Champion Award for his key role in organising the event, and special mention also goes to Karen Jones from St. Antony's Church for her invaluable input and supervision for the event.

Young people from South London Citizens also received the CitySafe Champion award: Bridy Purcell, Celia Morris, Destine Okoibhole, Alex Okoibhole, Eva Okoibhole, Halimatou Yacouba, Bubacar Yacouba, and Jamilla Yacouba.

Everyone on the night was a winner, but the official winning acts were:




A massive thanks to all the acts for all their hard work and truly insipirng performances.

Emmanuel Gotora, Newham Organiser, London Citizens