Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hounslow Manor: Citizens in Action begins!

Here's a reflection from two of the exceptional Citizen Schools leaders from Hounslow Manor school, who are just kicking off their next 'community outreach' phase of their change plan.  Here, Zabi and Mushtaq reflect on their participation in their team's first meeting:

"With the help of our great teachers and partners we decided to choose Tuesdays for our gathering day to discuss what we are going to do. Last week me and my partner took some pictures of the students when they were busy gathering information and contacts of other schools so that they can be come more powerful and have loads of allies working together.  Also we divided our project between the students in 3 divisions which are CONNECTORS, DEVELOPERS BROADCASTERS. The connectors contacted different schools around the area, and the developers wrote scripts (outlines) linked to aims. The broadcasters which included me and my partners selected best photos for Ben. As the broadcasters, me and my friend were really excited and enjoyed taking pictures of the students while they were doing their work for the project and at the end of the meeting we felt proud of the pictures that we took and the teachers gave us a lot of complements for our job and encouraged us to continue our great work."    

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